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posted by [personal profile] maryavatar at 04:24pm on 20/03/2010
I have a large cold-water planted tank, and foolishly volunteered to look after my grandfather's fan tailed goldfish when he went into a nursing home (and yes, I know goldfish are horrible fish for tanks, but the only other option was flushing it). Most of the plants in there are hardy grassy plants which the fish ignore, but the goldfish completely destroyed all my marimo moss balls.

Can anyone advise on moss? I'd planned on getting some java moss, but not if it's going to be chewed up.
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posted by [personal profile] cyprinella at 02:14am on 21/03/2010
I haven't tried anything other than pond plants with goldfish so I can't say for sure if they'll eat it or not. My bf has some uaru cichlids that tear up the java moss mats but don't seem to eat it. Goldfish might be the same? I'm sort of surprised he nommed your moss balls because those are actually made up of a kind of Cladophora algae and I haven't had anything eat that stuff. Perhaps giving some supplemental veggies will help curb his appetite for destruction?
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posted by [personal profile] maryavatar at 02:27am on 21/03/2010
He doesn't really eat much - he mostly just yanks out a mouthful, then spits it out. And he's so stupid he forgets it's not tasty and goes for another bit ten minutes later. I ended up with green fluff all over the tank and clogging the filter. I thought maybe with java moss being flatter, it might work, but on consideration... probably not.

I think I'm going to have to find someone with a pond. He's about five inches long, so it's about time he moved out of the tank anyway.
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posted by [personal profile] cyprinella at 02:35am on 21/03/2010
Ah, yeah, that's actually a natural behavior for goldies and you probably won't get him to stop. I have to plant my pond plants in heavy clay with gravel on top.

By fantail, do you mean a double tail like orandas or just a single like a pond goldfish? Doubles don't actually do that hot mixed in ponds with singles which you probably already know but I thought I should mention.
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posted by [personal profile] maryavatar at 02:52am on 21/03/2010
Single, but his tail and fins are long and froofy. More decorative than a standard goldfish, but all the same bad habits. He used to share a tank with a goldfish (who has since moved on to pond life), and in comparison he was slightly slower, which is why he's still in the tank. He's got very pale colouring which would make him a target for predators too, but OMG, I want him out of my tank!
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posted by [personal profile] cyprinella at 02:54am on 21/03/2010
If you were in the DC metro area, I'd totally take him. We're down a couple of fish in my pond right now. I've got one white male comet - long tail like yours - left and he's the prettiest thing.
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posted by [personal profile] maryavatar at 03:22am on 21/03/2010
He is very pretty, and my kids love him. If I had another big tank to put him in, I would, but as I mostly have minnows, loaches, snails and rice fish, all my other tanks are under 50 litres.

Tragically, I don't think he'd make the journey across the Atlantic, or he'd be yours for sure.


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