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Newbie and question

Hey all,

I'm a newbie to the hobby of fish keeping. My husband and I are setting up a 75 gallon tank where we plan on keeping angelfish and other ciclids.

Currently I've been looking around for suggestions on heaters. We already have a filtration system set up and everything, we just need a heater. Problem is that I have been hearing both good things and bad about all the heaters I've been looking at. I know not everything is going to be foolproof but I would still like to get a quality heater that would be good for my tank and keep my fish at the comfortable 78 to 80 degrees.

Does anyone have any suggestions for heaters? Are there some out there that aren't as problematic as some of the ones I've been looking at (been reading horror stories surrounding the Visi Therms)? Thanks for anything you can suggest.
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Today I realized I could use my liquid-safe digital meat thermometer to measure the temperature in my new beta tank. It's certainly no less accurate than those sticker ones! And it's very convenient since new!fish tank sits on the counter sill.
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River tank

My river tank. It was intended to be a US native tank, but it's currently a mix of native and Asian fish.

River tank
Lots of pics, words, and a video )
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(no subject)

My local cichlid group is hosting the American Cichlid Association's Annual Meeting next year and this is their preview video. I thought it was pretty funny. Hope to see folks there!
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Tank and fish for sale

My brother in Michigan needs to sell his 135 and six piranhas. You can find more info here: http://bit.ly/bmshjg
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Goldfish-proof moss

I have a large cold-water planted tank, and foolishly volunteered to look after my grandfather's fan tailed goldfish when he went into a nursing home (and yes, I know goldfish are horrible fish for tanks, but the only other option was flushing it). Most of the plants in there are hardy grassy plants which the fish ignore, but the goldfish completely destroyed all my marimo moss balls.

Can anyone advise on moss? I'd planned on getting some java moss, but not if it's going to be chewed up.
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Utricularia gibba

Anyone interested in some? I have a mat of it I need to thin out in one of my aquariums. I've never had to flower in the aquarium, but it looks like it gets some pretty yellow flowers outside if you want to try it in a water garden this summer. I can ship to the US only.
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Giant shrimp!

A LFS is going out of business and I picked up some of their odds and ends yesterday. These are a pair of giant shrimp they had in a planted tank. Apparently I saved them from being fed to the oscars at the end of the day. I don't know why you would do that, but I also am not surprised that they've been killing fish in the display tank. I guess if you're a store, that's a bad critter to keep around. Although if I were a store, I also wouldn't keep them with fish! There are a couple of reasons that place is going under. Anyway, the pictures under the cut will be large. I wasn't sure how friendly these two would be towards each other in tight quarters - they had been in a planted 55 and the biggest I could set up at short notice was a 20 - so they're in different tanks. One's definitely a male. The other I'm not quite sure if it's a female or immature male. No idea what species. I'm hoping it's not Macrobrachium rosenbergii as they get like 2 feet long (with claws). The difference in their markings makes me think the likelihood is low, but you never quite know with long-arm shrimp.

Giant shrimp 02

Giant shrimp pictures! )
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I want to see your fish gifts!

I found this really cool poster for you betta fans:

Who's got stuff they're making or stuff they recommend?
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Anyone want some Amazon frogbit?

It's getting a bit thick in my water gardens and some of my small tanks and I'd like to thin it out. Most of it has been growing outside so it'll probably have snails and algae, but it also has interesting leaves and really long roots (great for raising fry in!).You can either treat it as an annual for outside or bring it in for the winter. It does best in tanks with bright light. Yours for shipping (just a couple of bucks) and I can only ship inside the US and I cannot ship this plant to California, sorry.
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Tank of looooooooooooooove

Currently in the Battlestar (my 125 planted Walsted-type tank for the new folks) I have an ancistris fanning a pile of eggs, at least one mouthbrooding female Geophagus steindachneri and a pair of keyhole cichlids thinking about laying another batch of eggs after eating their first. Oh, and two of my outdoor water gardens have tadpoles. Anyone else have breeding going on?
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New tank mates

My aeneus was dead this morning, and since there had been only 2 left, I decided to get the other aeneus some company. These aeneus had been 3rd or 4th hand, traveling from tank to tank until I got them 2 years ago, so I have no idea of their age.

I trotted off to the LFS, since I had been intending to extend my cardinal tetra group as well. The 10 I had bought a few months ago to see how they would work out in my tank are fat little piggies, so I wanted to bring their group up to strength with another 10.

I settled on Corydoras metae, as they stay small and they do well in a community tank.

When I came home, the aeneus wasn't dead. I leave dead fish in the tank for 24 hours, any remains not eaten by the snails and the shrimp are then removed. It's natural recycling. However, the aeneus was settled in next to his mate again, albeit heavily listing. He's not a healthy fellow, and he looks old. You can tell with some fish, they get that old man fish look.

The metae are settling in nicely. The aeneus looks dead again, but I'll wait until tomorrow to see. My fish seem to like new inhabitants. When I put new fish in, everyone comes out of the woodwork and they have a party in the tank. The cardinals were schooling peacefully within 5 minutes and the fanhand shrimp and the metae were bobbing about on the bottom together. Jack the Hat, my Zebra Oto was all excited and is bobbing alongside them and cleaning all the plants he can find.

(no subject)

We cleaned the tank tonight, pulled out our large piece of driftwood (seen on the left side of the tank in this intro entry. I hadn't cleaned under the wood well in awhile, usually vaccuum around it as best as I can but it's pretty huge and hard to get in and out. We know to check the wood for the 2 whiptail cats and the stick cat/farowella (spelling?). The farowella once hung onto a piece of wood when we'd pulled it out of the tank and wasn't about to let go so we are really careful now.

The driftwood I pulled out tonight doesn't really have any hiding holes, it's smooth and no crevices. The closest we get to hidey-hole in it is a fairly thin bit of java moss we've got tied onto the top. Since it's pretty big we'd debated whether we should just dump it in a bucket while I cleaned under it or wrap it in a towel. Fortunately we went for the bucket idea. And fortunately we hadn't tried to clean the wood, just set it in the bucket. After I'd vaccuumed about 1/3 of the tank out and while my wife was filling the buckets to fill it I grabbed the wood to put it back in. And noticed something in the bottom. "Oh, must have gotten some rocks too".

Uh, no.

One of the strata loaches had somehow hidden himself somewhere in the crevice-less drift wood and was lying in a little bit of water in the bottom of the bucket. I panicked and dumped him in the tank. Fortunately the heater had been off for about 20 minutes so the water was a little cooler than it usually is. He swam around listing slightly to one side but seems to be fine now.

Whew. We'll keep a close eye on him over the next few days (that's easy, while we have 4 strata loaches he's the only one that is missing an eye) and dose the tank if he picks up white spot or some fungus.

That's the closest we've come to loosing a fish while we've been cleaning. Usually the fish stay IN the tank and we're careful to check for the sucker ones before we pull things out.

So, any other close call stories? What is the best thing to do if you've had that happen? I didn't think that I should have put a bit of water in with the fish to slowly bring it's temperature up instead of dumping it back in the tank until a few minutes ago. Fingers crossed the little critter makes it.
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Really adorable fish shirt!

I just had to share this super adorable shirt I found.

The store has a bunch of other stuff like tetras, other catfish and cichlid cartoons. Very cool!
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TFH Digital magazine offer

Tropical Fish Hobbyist is offering a year-long subscription to their digital magazine for only $1 for Earth Day.

Link: http://www.tfhmagazine.com/earthday/

Use the code EDAY9.

Offer good today through 4-23. Payment must be in USD, but there are no residency restrictions.


Hi! Since this is a small (ok, tiny) comm I thought I'd introduce myself and post a pict of our tank. We're in New Zealand (I'm an American transplant)

We have a 197 liter (52.04 US gallons) tropical tank. We've had our tank maybe 8 or 9 months? My wife has had tropical fish before, I've had coldwater fish before. She wanted a tank because she missed having one and well, here we are. We've recently changed out our Fluval internal filter for an Elite external one. We also have a UV filter and it seems to have made a difference for our fish.

We've got a community tank with a nice variety of neon, rosey & cardinal tetras, a female honey gourami, a pair of pearl gouramis, a farowell (sp?), a royal whiptail and a red whiptail, some clown, strata and kuhli loaches, 4 platties, 4 flying foxes, a pair of dwarf rainbows and 2 panchax (father/son combo).

Here's a pict of the tank. Our youngest (and lightest) cat has taken to sitting on top of the glass. He will sneak in and curl up on the top. As we are about to head into winter he'll appreciate the warmth of the light. Fortunately he's the only one who has made a habit of getting up on the tank. The heaviest one is content to sit on the table near the tank or on the chair under it (tank is on a desk) and the other 2 don't really care about the tank.

I'm looking forward to DW and this community!
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Pond plants

If anyone US-based is looking for pond plants, my local (DC Metro area) Lowes had a really nice selection of marginal plants I had only seen at specialty shops as well as your typical lilies. Be warned that some of the things they were selling can be very invasive (water lettuce, for example) so you may want to be careful if your pond has any sort of run-off to natural waterways. I mostly container garden, so I picked up a couple of species like horsetail rush that can spread like crazy if not contained. If you're in need of a fantastic water garden plant book, I really recommend Encyclopedia of Water Garden Plants by Greg Speichert and Sue Speichert. It has been incredibly helpful in describing proper care and helping me pick out plants for my area.
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Picspam Tuesday

Arboretum koi 04

Koi at the US National Arboretum in Washington, DC. They are not shy.

Battlestar 4-13-09

Battlestar full tank shot. I had a pH drop that I didnt notice until I ended up with a lot of black brush algae. I added a bunch of crushed coral to the substrate to bring the pH back up and buffer the tank better. The BBA is not growing on any of the new plant leaves in the tank so basically I just need to go and weed out all of the stuff that still has it. Click for extra large version of this picture. Lots and lots of pictures under the cut.

Close ups of plants and fish )Native fish )DIY lights for my nano )
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Blue Eyed Medaka Help

Anyone have any tips on keeping Blue Eyed Medaka (Ricefish)? I have several cold water aquariums, containing many species of fish, but my Medakas never seem to make it out of the quarantine tank. I've tried different fish suppliers in case it was poor stock, but no - it's me.

The water here is on the acidic side, so I've tried adjusting the pH, buffering salts and leaving a small lump of calcium carbonate in the tank. I've tried increasing and decreasing the aeration, adding and removing a fast-moving water areas, live food, flake food, pellet food, fresh food, plants, no plants...

I'm stumped. They're supposed to be very easy to keep. Why are my Medakas dying?
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Meet Chegwin

Chegwin the goldfish

I'm only posting one photo, because there are 954 other photos to see if you want.

He is a Comet goldfish, a happy six-year-old bachelor in a spacious tank. He likes Hikari Gold fish food, aquarium plant roots, and mushed-up peas. He also likes knocking over every statue in his tank and expecting anyone walking down the stairs at any time to feed him.