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Giant shrimp!

A LFS is going out of business and I picked up some of their odds and ends yesterday. These are a pair of giant shrimp they had in a planted tank. Apparently I saved them from being fed to the oscars at the end of the day. I don't know why you would do that, but I also am not surprised that they've been killing fish in the display tank. I guess if you're a store, that's a bad critter to keep around. Although if I were a store, I also wouldn't keep them with fish! There are a couple of reasons that place is going under. Anyway, the pictures under the cut will be large. I wasn't sure how friendly these two would be towards each other in tight quarters - they had been in a planted 55 and the biggest I could set up at short notice was a 20 - so they're in different tanks. One's definitely a male. The other I'm not quite sure if it's a female or immature male. No idea what species. I'm hoping it's not Macrobrachium rosenbergii as they get like 2 feet long (with claws). The difference in their markings makes me think the likelihood is low, but you never quite know with long-arm shrimp.

Giant shrimp 02

Giant shrimp 06

Other giant shrimp 09

Other giant shrimp 07
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Those are kinda cool! Good job rescuing them from being fish food.